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Chefbox is a multifunctional cooker that incorporates a pressure cooker and a pizza oven. It is a 14-in-1 smart pressure cooker that generates gases of high-temperature and high-pressure. Through a hybrid heating system, it can produce a perfect pizza. It can replace multiple cooking appliances and primarily target young people who live in small spaces. The features are controlled by a knob with an integrated OLED display. The app provides users step-by-step instructions for hundreds of recipes. It combines a pressure cooker, a steam cooker, an air fryer, and a pizza oven all in one. It brings users with a simple and quality life experience.
It is not convenient and financially friendly for people living alone or in limited spaces to have many different cookers and ovens. In this case, multifunctional cookers are needed. When a multifunctional pressure cooker and a pizza oven work simultaneously, the generated high- temperature and high-pressure gas can be automatically controlled and used to help with pizza cooking. As a result, the The pizza can be evenly heated and retain a certain amount of moisture in the bread portion, resulting in a juicier and tastier product.A pressure cooker and a pizza oven can work separately.
The aesthetic of traditional lunch box and inspiration of Royal Collections Museum in Madrid
Rotate built-in handle to unlock 3 cooking modes
and 16 cooking functions under one dedicated lid
Modular design with lidless cooking experience.
Meet the different needs of users and easy for 
cleanup and maintain
Body and all accessories are made of recyclable
metal and plastic
The product is a simple, and minimal cube that looks rugged and trustworthy but full of details and functions. The form and details are inspired by the traditional lunch box and the Royal Collections Museum in Madrid. The narrow and deep steel strips in the front of this magical cooking box seem to be a bright guide. The front three-step LED indicator was inspired by the EV design and allowing users to know the current cooking status. One dial button with an OLED display enables users to manipulate and access to and control all cooking modes and settings. The rear panel has a vertical bar and is hollow out, which is conducive to would suit heat dissipation; —the shell is made by injection-moldedmolding.

The user can access 14 cooking modes and hundreds of existing digital recipes with a single dial button. Additionally, users can customize their recipes and settings. With Chefbox's digital recipes, people can determine the caloric and nutritional content of various different food ingredients. It helps users find healthier cooking and eating methods. Users can manipulate settings for such as pressure, steam, fry, and pizza making on a single product and interface, as opposed to multiple cooking appliances.


Chefbox has a cube form and an innovative hybrid heating system with a powerful GDR motor, allowing it to which can perform a variety of cooking functions and techniques. The hybrid heating system can automatically recycle the high-temperature, high-pressure gas produced by a generated from the pressure cooker for and use it to support pizza cooking. Compared with the single heating tube system, the hybrid heating tube and the gas system can deliver a perfect pizza. The pizza bread retain juicy and keeps a fair amount of moisture.Users will never have to worry about the pizza bread becoming dry out, especially the bread on the circular edges.


Encouraging people to prepare meals at home. With the Chefbox, people can cook a delicious meal on their own without having to master numerous cooking techniques. Especially when we are experiencing the COVID pandemic, cooking at home allows people to lower the risks associated with gathering and having meals at restaurants. Encouraging people to cook and eat for more cost-effectively. People can choose the exact food ingredients they want and spend less. Chefbox is made of recyclable metal and plastic. It's a multifunctional product that meets users' different demands for cooking instead of purchasing many different products.

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