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Dreamshow is a mixed reality headset tailored for large-scale concerts. It offers swift guidance at live events and, thanks to advanced 3D spacial VR cameras with long-range zoom, delivers performers with exceptional detail to users, adapting to their seating position. The headset automatically records entire shows, enabling users to relive them anywhere, anytime via VR. Paired with a controller, it provides quick access to menus and applications, charging the headset and extending its use by three hours with a built-in lithium battery. To enhance the live experience, the controller features reusable light sticks for user-performer interaction. Dreamshow strikes a balance between performance and comfort, with the latest lens tech reducing its size and weight, ensuring prolonged comfort. Dreamshow offers users the ultimate immersive viewing experience.

At traditional large-scale events, varying seating positions led to significant differences in the live experience.Those in the back could barely see performers, 

let alone their expressions and actions.Audience interaction with performers was limited, reducing the overall experience.Glow sticks,often used to liven up the 

atmosphere and engage with performers,became harmful waste after show, posing environmental risks.Moreover,large event venues lacked effective evacuation 

guidance during emergencies.Currently,most mixed reality glasses on the market struggle to provide the extended comfort and performance users seek in term of 

size and weight.


The market lacks a product tailored for users at large live events, providing exceptional live experience enhancements and subsequent virtual reality services. 

Most mixed reality glasses are bulky, uncomfortable, and have limited battery life. Dreamshow addresses these issues, striking a balance between performance 

and comfort. It optimizes large live event experiences, regardless of the user's position, using high-performance chips, advanced lens modules, and algorithms 

to deliver the best image quality and detail. Additionally, it records live performances, allowing users to relive all the event's details anytime, anywhere through 

the glasses' virtual reality technology.


Dreamshow features a sleek design that seamlessly integrates the lens with the frame for a natural, sty  zed sunglasses, it's perfect for everyday wear.

The frame offers space for high-performance chips and sensors while adhering to ergonomic principles. A raised rim around the lens provides protection 

and style. A pentagonal cutout pattern in the front serves as both heat vent and ambient light source, emitting a beautiful pattern. The padded back ensures 

user comfort, and the gumdrop-shaped controller fits various hand sizes.The frame, crafted from recyclable plastic using integrate molding process. 


Dreamshow's lens includes four high-performance modules: an ultra-long-distance zoom module for optimal live performer images, two real-time tracking modules, 

and sensors that, along with side-mounted spatial cameras, record the entire performance environment for future virtual experiences. The upper frame roller eases 

inter-pupillary distance adjustment, and heat-dissipating grids on the frame's upper sides effectively cool internal chips. The frame and head support feature soft, 

breathable, waterproof sponge pads for comfort and easy cleaning. High-performance speakers on both sides enhance audio, while rear controls adjust glasses 

size for user comfort. The controller boasts menu buttons and a circular knob for app access and menu commands, with a USB-C interface for glasses charging. 

The controller's rear can connect to a reusable light stick for user interaction with on-site performers


With Dreamshow, users, regardless of their seating position, can enjoy a perfect live performance experience and better interact with the performers. 

This encourages more audiences to attend live events. The product not only prioritizes user experience but also practicality and environmental friendliness. 

Dreamshow uses 95% recyclable materials, and when the product is upgraded or damaged, it offers a recycling service. Users can trade in their 

previous-generation or damaged products for points, which can be used to offset the cost of a new product. The reusable glow sticks on the controller not 

only enhance the product's entertainment value and improve the live experience but also effectively reduce the use of highly toxic disposable glow sticks, 

mitigating potential environmental hazards

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