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Introducing the new mobile and modular workstation integrated with an air purifying function. It was designed for various workspaces such as offices, studios, and work from homes. The product is equipped with a hybrid filter air cleaning system that is HVAC-based, which creates an almost impenetrable barrier for pollution particles, including airborne contaminants like viruses and bacteria. At the same time, the workstation provides users with height-adjustable and extendible working tables. The charging dock is also for individual and group use. The modular system can replace the table with a large display and functional board to satisfy different user scenarios.

Every year, 6.5 million people die from diseases caused by indoor and outdoor air pollution, such as heart disease, stroke, respiratory diseases and even

the lung cancer. People are experiencing the severe indoor air pollution in their workplace and might expose to higher amounts of air pollutants than outdoor. Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, we are trying to find a way to reduce the health risk and spread of pollutants and virus

Each workstation unit can be conveniently moved and set from A to B

Nowadays, people are experiencing severe indoor air pollution. Especially inside offices where employees are exposed to more air pollutants than outdoor ones. During the virus pandemic, working in public places has high health risks. Appropriate solutions are needed. So, what if we re-designing our office

furniture to improve its usability and functions to help users efficiently use limited workspace. Integrating high-performance air purifiers seamlessly with functional office furniture can lower health risks and stop the spread of pollutants and viruses.

Rotate built-in handle to unlock 3 cooking modes
and 16 cooking functions under one dedicated lid
Modular design with lidless cooking experience.
Meet the different needs of users and easy for 
cleanup and maintain
Body and all accessories are made of recyclable
metal and plastic
It is a functional-driven product, and the form follows the function. It was inspired by Bauhaus design language with minimal and simple geometric shapes. The design combines the traditional table T form with the large box form to gain better balance. From the side view, the gray box form is partially embedded into the rounded white outer shell, leaving enough bottom space to organize cables. All movable and functional parts are featured with bright orange color for a better user experience. The whole product is made of high-strength recyclable plastic and produced by injection molding.

The top table was divided into two parts for better air follow and help users re-organize their space. Users can adjust those two tables separately to achieve better ergonomics when using laptops or to view external displays. The top orange control panel can be conveniently slide out, allowing users to access all settings, such as table height and air purifier performance, by the app. The front aluminum mesh panel is easy to clean and maintain. Users can drag out the side panel and add different filter combinations depending on their requirements. The charging dock and bottom wheels provide users with multiple ports connection and better mobility within the workplace. The table module can be replacedwith a display and functional boards.

The main menu interface
Draging the switch bar to adjust the height of desktop
Draging the switch bar to adjust airflow speed

The product features advanced microfiber filtration technology. Filter fibers are 10x thinner than those used in standard air filters. Hybrid filter combinations allow users to gain the best air purifying results depending on their requirements. Compared with the traditional air purifier, this product covers more areas with outstanding performance. It innovatively and seamlessly integrates the multifunctional workstation with an air purifier. The product helps users finish their work in different scenarios while creating a healthier working environment.


There are two slots can be fully equipped for high performance purification. Depending on the user’s need,they can choose the appropriate combination of filters to get best air purifying results


Each workstation unit provides various ports to meet their professional requirements


The extension of workstation unit can provide larger desktop space for more users


The product would play an essential role in the workplace. People are willing to work at a healthier workplace and become more productive when they have powerful tools to finish the work. The air-purifying workstation will create a healthy working environment by significantly improving the air quality and lowering the risk of both user and their family member infection by airborne viruses and bacteria. Besides that, it helps users organize and save limited workspace. The product makes people more productive by providing functional and ergonomic tools to finish the job more efficiently in different scenarios.

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